Holly-Frances Music

20 year old musician from Preston

White Noise - Disclosure ft. Aluna George Cover by Holly-Frances

Get Lucky - Daft Punk / Youth - Daughter Melody 

by Holly-Frances

Hope There’s Someone - Anthony and The Johnsons (Cover)

Best Thing I Never Had - Beyonce (Cover)


A Part Of Me - Aaron Ashley Ward ft. Holly-Frances (Neck Deep cover)

Check out Aaron’s soundcloud too https://soundcloud.com/aaron-ashley-ward 

Droughts - Holly-Frances (Original Song)

If you have not yet heard my new song, I have just uploaded it to Youtube! Please listen and subscribe to my youtube channel! :D Thanks guys! :)

Holly Frances Cook

—First Year Composition

This is a piece I have written for a University assignment. 

We had to write a piece that used Latin or African rhythms and metric modulation. We also had to explore the use of Minimalism and Serialism. 

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Summer - Original by Holly-Frances

I thought this was quite an ironic song to record seeing as the whole of England is currently crying over our lack of sunny weather. 

Let me know what you think?



Nothing Else Matters - Metallica (Cover)

This is a song that my group recorded for our Recording module at Uni. 

Vocals - Holly Cook (me)
All Guitar parts (and Bass) - Jonathon Hudson
Drums - Calvin Thornborrow
Piano -  Harvey Thompson
Strings (MIDI) - Holly Cook 
Backing Vocals - Tom Ali
‘Ooohs’ - Jonathon Hudson, Harvey Thompson and Tom Ali

Production - Jonathon Hudson, Harvey Thompson, Tom Ali and Holly Cook

It was really fun to do :D

Who (Original) - Holly Frances

How disgusting you are

How unworthy and undeserving

How helpless you seem

Yet your ignorance was unnerving

You built yourself up

Came to the brink of almost perfect

But inside, you were dirt

And your actions just not worth it

Who could have pity on you

Who could give the truth

Who could love a creature like you?

Who could trust somebody like you

Who could forgive

Who could die so that you may live?

You continue to fall

Even when you’re held up and supported

Unforgiving of yourself

‘cause you know you’re both disappointed

Who could have pity on me

Who could it be

Who could love a creature like me?

Who could trust somebody like me

Who could forgive

Who could die so that I might live?

I’m undeserving and unjustly loved

But you’re not the angry God that they think of

You’re much more than that, you’re more than life

You’re love and hope and forgiveness and you’re here with me tonight.